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We at Parvenu Computers are committed to delivering sales, service and support for all your Computer and Printer needs. For over 22 years, we’ve offered professional onsite support and repair solutions. We pride ourselves in servicing large, medium and small sized corporations as well as home users. Our service is prompt, reliable, informative and well done.

Parvenu’s client’s feel confident in our technical expertise and trust our people. Our staff is knowledgeable, confident and seeks to educate and inform the customer, rather than just service their systems. Our quick response is the key to our success. We recommend only quality and economical parts, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Our clients rely on our expertise for:

Networking Services

Consultation, Sales, Cable wiring, Hardware Installation, integration and maintenance of their networks. We ensure the physical and network wiring and infrastructure will withstand today’s bandwidth demands.



Printer, copier, fax, scanner
Antivirus, anti spam, antispyware
Content filtering
Remote Access
Back up solution ¡­.and much more

Forensics Services

Deleted your data on your phones or PCs such as pictures, text, email? Recovery services are available for legal or personal usage. Not all data can be recovered but Parvenu has many times over the years recovered data from damaged drives (users should never physically open their hard drives!). Data can recovered from phones and PCs quicker if the user does not continue to use the device after data has gone missing. Parvenu has assisted in legal matters to retrieve lost data in the past successfully.

Small Business and Home Users

Our small businesses and home users rely on us to point them in the right direction when making decisions for their personal computing and printing needs.

We are happy to assist with information and recommendations on ‘new versus used’ hardware needs, followed by implementing, supporting and educating pertaining to the use and functionality of their system and peripheral devices. We make sure our home users are well protected and getting the best use from their systems with antivirus, anti spam, internet solutions, peripheral device implementation, kids monitoring and much more.


We are one of the few companies that have experienced and qualified technicians that can ensure repairs and problem solving to your multifunction or single use printer/fax/scanner/. Using our best judgment from experience, our technicians will recommend the most cost effective approach and assess repairs versus replacement.

Free, 15 minute telephone advice or support is offered based on technician’s availability.

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